Why is Abortion in the Third Trimester such a rare decision?

The last stage of pregnancy is the third trimester. It is between 27th and 40th week, the last three months of pregnancy. The baby in this stage prepares for delivery. It can feel and form various expressions with its body. The organs mature and continue to develop. This stage of pregnancy is demanding for the mother too. 

Women are not allowed to have an abortion in the third trimester of pregnancy unless there are life-threatening problems. The procedure to carry out an abortion in this period is complicated as well. It is rare to have an abortion in this crucial period. 

To know about the details of the complete procedure and Third Trimester Abortion Clinic, keep reading below. 

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Reasons for Having an Abortion in the Third Trimester

These are the reasons, women opt for an abortion in the Third Trimester Abortion Clinic

  1. Latest information about fetal abnormalities like no development of the brain, severe genetic disorder, and formation conditions. 
  2. The mother's life is threatened due to complications in a pregnancy.
  3. Unable to have an abortion before the third trimester due to inability to pay or access to the clinic. Social stigma, lack of knowledge about the process, social pressures, and policy restrictions can be the other reasons for a late pregnancy termination.  

Why terminate due to Abnormalities?

Many people think that a disabled child can also lead a good life and hence the pregnancy should not be terminated. It depends on the choice of the parents because raising a disabled child can be stressful for the mental health of the couple. The financial cost can be gruesome for some people who cannot afford good healthcare for their handicapped child. 

The child may suffer and will be in pain after coming into this world, so many parents support this decision as fair. 

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Preparation for the Third Trimester Abortion

A Surgical Abortion is needed in a Third Trimester Abortion Clinic to terminate the pregnancy in the last trimester. The procedure is called Dilation and Evacuation (D&E). It is carried out in a Clinic or a Hospital. A detailed consultation is needed to discuss some of these important points.

  • Any pre-existing medical conditions. 
  • Health conditions.
  • The list of medicines a mother is taking and the need to stop them before the procedure or not. 
  • Steps and Details involved in the Abortion procedure.

The necessary instructions are given for the before and after of the procedures to make it as safe as possible. The client has to stop eating or drinking anything beforehand. The cervix needs dilation a day before in some cases.

The D&E Procedure

The Dilation and Evacuation abortion procedure involves the below-written procedures.

  1. Dilation

  • The medical professional will make a cervix soft to dilate it the day before the procedure. 
  • Feet will be placed on the stirrups of the table and the doctor will use a speculum device to open the vaginal opening.
  • The cervix will be cleaned and an anaesthesiologist will apply local anesthetic.
  • The doctor will use a Laminaria, a dilating stick into the cervical canal to open the cervix by moisture absorbing technique. 
  • They may administer a drug called Misoprostol To prepare the cervix. 
  1. Evacuation

  • On the day of the Abortion, the Anaesthesiologist will Administer general Anaesthesia to make the patient sleep through the process.
  • The doctor will withdraw the dilating stick and use a sharp tip instrument named curette to scrape the uterus.
  • They will use vacuum suction and forceps to evacuate the fetus and placenta to empty the uterus.  
  • Some doctors will inject medicine to ensure fetal demise before removal. 

Side Effects after the Procedure

Some side effects include:

  • Sensitivity of the Breast
  • Nausea for the first two days after the procedure
  • Cramps between the third and fifth days
  • Light to Heavy Bleeding for two to four weeks
  • Clots similar in size to a lemon
  • Fever of a low-grade


There are possibilities of some complications and they might need additional treatment. The complications are:

  • Adverse reaction to the Medicines
  • Painful Cramping
  • Larger than lemon size clots
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Perforation of Uterus
  • Incapable cervix

In Case of the following symptoms, one must call the healthcare professional.

  1. Enormous bleeding soaking more than two maxi pads in an hour for more than two hours continuously
  2. Bigger than lemon size clots
  3. Experiencing the signs of infection in the uterus like High Fever, Experiencing chills, foul smell of the vaginal discharge, or Intense pain in the pelvic or abdominal region not improving with the medicines. 

Ways to prevent infection after Abortion

To prevent infection, the following things must be avoided after the procedure for the first week. 

  1. The use of Tampons
  2. Bathing
  3. Using Swimming pools and hot tubs
  4. Penetrative vaginal sex
  5. Douching of private parts

Consultation with your Medical Professional

Before finalizing the decision of an abortion in the last trimester, make sure to consult your doctor at the Third Trimester Abortion Clinic. A late abortion is risky for the mother too, so it will need a critical evaluation before carrying on with the procedure. Remember to write down any questions you have so that you may not forget them during an appointment for consultation.

Emotional Support

It is crucial to get emotional support during this time because the abortion at this later stage is critical and takes a toll on the mind. Many taboos and stigmas are attached by society which may need a healthy way of navigating through them. Consultation with a mental health expert will help you in dealing with all the mental trauma, a person can go through. 


A late third-trimester abortion is a serious decision that needs support and understanding. It is recommended only if there are serious issues regarding the life of the mother and the baby. We at Orlando Women's Center fully understand the need for this procedure. We ensure to provide the much-needed guidance and provisions for safe and secure Abortion. Contact us to learn more about our Third Trimester Abortion Clinic.

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