What Websites Out There Provide Legit ESA Letters?

What Websites Out There Provide Legit ESA Letters?

Living with an emotional support animal (ESA) can greatly improve the quality of life for people who need emotional or psychological support. However, to live with an ESA, you need a legitimate ESA letter. This article highlight some reliable websites that provide legitimate ESA letters.

Understanding ESA Letters

What is an ESA Letter?

An ESA letter is a document written by a licensed mental health professional (LMHP) that states your need for an emotional support animal. This letter allows you to live with your ESA even in housing with a "no pets" policy and travel with them on certain airlines.

Importance of an ESA Letter

  • Housing: Protects you from discrimination under the Fair Housing Act (FHA).
  • Travel: Allows you to fly with your ESA under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA).
  • Public Spaces: Some businesses and public spaces may also allow ESAs with a valid letter.

Websites Providing Legit ESA Letters


RealESALetter.com is a reputable website that provides legitimate ESA letters. They have licensed mental health professionals who evaluate your need for an ESA and provide a valid ESA letter if you qualify.


  • Licensed Professionals: Certified mental health professionals conduct the evaluations.
  • Quick Process: Fast turnaround time for evaluations and letter issuance.
  • Support: Offers customer support for any queries or issues.

ESA Doctors

ESA Doctors is another well-known platform for obtaining ESA letters. They connect you with licensed therapists who can assess your need for an ESA and provide a legitimate letter.


  • Certified Therapists: Licensed therapists evaluate your condition.
  • Online Evaluation: Convenient online assessment process.
  • Recognized Letters: ESA letters are widely recognized by landlords and airlines.


CertaPet offers a comprehensive service to help you obtain a legitimate ESA letter. They provide a quick and easy online assessment with licensed mental health professionals.


  • Professional Evaluation: Licensed professionals conduct thorough evaluations.
  • Easy Process: Simple and quick online application process.
  • Reliable Letters: ESA letters are valid and widely accepted.


Pettable is a reliable source for obtaining an ESA letter. They offer a detailed evaluation by licensed mental health professionals and ensure the legitimacy of their letters.


  • Licensed Professionals: Only licensed mental health professionals conduct evaluations.
  • Fast Service: Quick turnaround time for receiving your ESA letter.
  • Support: Offers excellent customer support throughout the process.

Emotional Pet Support

Emotional Pet Support is a trusted website for getting an ESA letter. They provide a straightforward process to connect you with licensed mental health professionals.


  • Certified Evaluations: Licensed professionals assess your need for an ESA.
  • Convenient Process: Easy online application and evaluation.
  • Legitimate Letters: Provides valid ESA letters that are widely accepted.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable ESA Letter Service

Verify Licensing

Ensure that the website connects you with licensed mental health professionals who are qualified to issue ESA letters.

Check Reviews

Look for customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the reliability and legitimacy of the service.

Ensure Compliance

Make sure the service complies with federal and state laws regarding ESA letters to avoid any legal issues.

Customer Support

Choose a service that offers reliable customer support to assist you throughout the process.


Obtaining a legitimate ESA letter is crucial for living with your emotional support animal without facing discrimination or restrictions. Websites like RealESALetter.com, ESA Doctors, CertaPet, Pettable, and Emotional Pet Support offer reliable services to help you get a valid ESA letter. Always ensure that the service you choose connects you with licensed mental health professionals and complies with all legal requirements. With the right ESA letter, you and your emotional support animal can enjoy a better quality of life together.

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