The Latest Developments in HIV Research and Treatment

Atazanavir 300mg and Ritonavir 100mg

The Latest Developments in HIV Research and Treatment

Everyone wants to live healthy life but it is not possible for all to be healthy. For a healthy body, need daily exercise, healthy foods, a friendly environment, and a less stressful life. But you might see, after doing everything to live a healthy life, many are still suffering from some disease. Among those diseases, HIV is the most famous and deadliest disease many people lose their life also. In this blog we will discuss about HIV, how it spreads, and Atazanavir 300mg and Ritonavir 100mg which are used in the treatment. Let's begin to discuss.

About HIV Infection Everyone Should Know

HIV is a type of virus that damages the immune system which stands for human immunodeficiency virus. This virus will put you at risk of other viruses and infections. If it is not treated on time then the risk of having AIDS will increase which is the final stage of HIV. it is not sure that if anyone has HIV then they will get AIDS.

How Does HIV Spread?

HIV transfers from the chimpanzee to humans when it is killed for meat by humans. This virus probably passes from humans to humans through coming in contact with infected blood. Mostly this virus spreads from one person to another person by sharing personal or coming into contact with infected blood. The reasons are:

  • Doing unprotected sex with the infected person.
  • Sharing drug needled of the infected person.
  • Transfer from mother to baby during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

If any person gets infected with this virus then it shows some symptoms:

  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Sore mouth
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Fatigue
  • Muscles aches

These symptoms may come and go within 2-4 weeks. If this is not treated then becomes chronic HIV infection and makes the patient's immune system weak to fight against infections and disease. Then later it will progress to AIDS.

Medicine use in HIV treatment

Atazanavir 300mg and Ritonavir 100mg are widely used in the treatment of HIV infection. This medicine works by interfering with an enzyme which is essential for the developing now virus. It only stops the production of new viruses in the patient's body. Salt of this medicine is an anti-viral agent that works to control the multiplication of viruses. This medicine is so powerful so it is important to take this medicine on time and avoid stopping or changing its dose.

Side Effects that are visible

  • If patients face vomiting or nausea after taking medicine then avoid taking another dose and wait for the next dose time.
  • Stomach pain, diarrhea, headache, fever, depression, fever, muscle pain, and problems in hands or feet are not serious problems. If these systems do not go away then tell your doctor for medical treatment. In case of gets worse, tell your doctor immediately.
  • Some side effects are serious including irregular heartbeat, dizziness, vision change, blood in urine, and loss of appetite. If these are seen in patients then immediatly inform your doctor. Your doctor will prescribe some more medicine or change dose to reduce the effect of side effects.

Precaution needs to be followed by Patients

  • At the starting of the treatment, tell about past medical history that you were infected with or suffered from.
  • Tell about past medical history that you suffered from. For example irregular heartbeat, diabetes, bleeding disorder, liver, kidney, or heart problems.
  • Inform your doctor if women are planning to get pregnant, pregnant, or breastfeeding. This virus may get transferred from the mother to the baby.
  • Tell about all the past medicines that you have taken in the last 6-9 days for better medicine.

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