The current situation in Pakistan

Pakistan is a South Asian country and shares borders with India, China, Iran, and Afghanistan. Located primarily in the Indian subcontinent region

The current situation in Pakistan

Pakistan is a South Asian country and shares borders with India, China, Iran, and Afghanistan. Located primarily in the Indian subcontinent region, Pakistan is a nation blessed with mountainous regions, desert landscapes, different cultures, and a rich historical background. It is bordered by the Arabian Sea in the south, which further amplifies its geopolitical importance. Ranked as the most climate-vulnerable country, this nation has been facing political, agricultural, and economic tensions since its independence and in recent times. This blog by Writing Services Pakistan explains the current situation of Pakistan and its current political, economic, and agricultural state.

The Current Political Situation in Pakistan:

Pakistan's unstable political situation had raised many concerns nationally and internationally, but the 2024 elections were expected to become a hope for many people that things would change for the better. Pakistan's most anticipated elections were held on February 8th, 2024. Independent groups of candidates won the largest number of seats (92). Despite the independent candidates winning the elections, a coalition government was formed based on a five-party minority by former interim Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef. This led to chaos and confusion, and many declared the election results to be unreliable and fake. It was also observed that the elections were heavily rigged and taken advantage of to support the military establishments in the country.

Shahbaz Shareef returned to power as prime minister and Asif Ali Zardari as president for a five-year term. While PTI independent candidates joined together to claim reserved seats in the form of a smaller party, Pakistan's political situation is controlled by the powerful military establishments, which also interfere in national affairs. After all, the military succeeded in getting a weak coalition government, but it will remain unstable and lead to immense political and economic crises.

The Current Situation of Pakistan's Economy:

The current situation of Pakistan's economy is accompanied by staggering rates of unemployment, political crises, and huge amounts of debt. With the 46th nominal GDP in the world, Pakistan economy has its own set of challenges. With the growth rate fluctuating, the IMF has estimated 4% GDP growth for the fiscal years 2023–2024. According to Trading Economics, the inflation rate in Pakistan decreased to 23.06% in February 2024. The crippling coalition government will most likely negotiate a new agreement with the IMF to save Pakistan from default. Pakistan's debts have reached a huge amount of Rs 62.881 trillion.

Pakistan faced a severe climate crisis in 2022, which caused economic damage resulting in the loss of billions of dollars. The floods of 2022 destroyed homes, infrastructure, limited education, caused agricultural losses, and left many people homeless. Pakistan is burdened with loans, national debts, and an ongoing energy crisis.

A weak economy, continuous power shortages, unemployment, rising fuel prices, and many other problems are faced by Pakistans population. However, the economic situation has its own set of challenges and opportunities. The country has a growing younger generation, which can become a valuable asset if they are provided with opportunities. Pakistan needs development in areas like infrastructure, development, education, and technology. For a stable economy, Pakistan has to fight issues like corruption, political instability, and more. Writing and understanding complex topics like Pakistan's political situation can be overwhelming. If you find such essays challenging, consider essay writing help services for writing essays. They provide the perfect guidance and support needed for writing assignments. 

The current situation of agriculture in Pakistan:

Pakistan is blessed with fertile land. Agriculture is a strong component that serves as the backbone of Pakistan's economy. Being the largest contributing sector of the economy, it employs around half of the labor force. Contributes around 24% to the GDP. Many agricultural crops, like wheat, cotton, sugarcane, maize, and barley, are grown every year.

Pakistan's agricultural industry has faced a load of challenges. Floods and droughts have been prevalent in the country, which disrupt the production of crops and limit agricultural advancements. Farmers are facing immense pressure due to rising population growth, water scarcity, and climate change. They also lack access to modern farming equipment, infrastructure, technologies, machinery, and storage space facilities. These are some of the reasons for low agricultural productivity.

However, the power of the agricultural industry and its significant impact on the economy have been recognized by the government. The government introduces agriculture support programs that provide loans, information about water conservation, and new and reformed planting techniques. Pakistan can generate a huge amount of profit just by exporting agricultural products. The government had also declared 3.1 billion for the agricultural sector under the Public Sector Development Program. The new government must realize the importance of the agriculture sector and allocate budgets efficiently.


In conclusion, this essay by Writing Services Pakistan concludes that Pakistan is a vibrant country with a beautiful culture and the esilient people navigate the complex political and economic landscape. They are looking for a brighter and more promising future ahead. The current political and economic situation in Pakistan has highlighted the need for continuous improvement and the struggle for national stability. The economic conditions in Pakistan are going downhill, but there are numerous opportunities for growth and investment. The agriculture industry is an important sector that requires constant attention and support. Pakistan must achieve political and economic stability for its younger generation. The youth has immense potential, and equipping them with tools and services like essay writing help can help them achieve a prosperous future.

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