Shower Power vs. Tub Time: Unveiling the Best Condo Bathroom Option

Condo bathroom - shower or tub? We weigh the pros & cons of each, helping you choose the best option for space, efficiency, & your bathing style!

Shower Power vs. Tub Time: Unveiling the Best Condo Bathroom Option
Shower Power vs. Tub Time: Unveiling the Best Condo Bathroom Option

Most condos tend to be smaller than homes and that's why you need to make the most of every available inch of space. When it comes to condo bathrooms, things get more compact and leave you with fewer options. This puts most condo owners in a dilemma. Do you upgrade from a shower to a bathtub or replace the tub with a shower?

 Well, space isn't the only thing you need to account for. Both showers and bathtubs have their advantages and problems and those attributes get amplified in a condo. Fortunately, we have done all the research to help you make smarter decisions for condo renovations in Vancouver, BC.

Account for the following factors when choosing between a shower and a tub:

  • Space

Square footage is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to condo bathrooms. Showers dominate space-saving bathroom designs for good reason. They take up significantly less space than tubs and standard shower stalls come in a 3x3 configuration. If you are too tight on space, it's best to stick to showers for your Vancouver condo renovation.

 On the other hand, if you have an average-sized bathroom with at least 50 square feet of extra space to spare, you may consider adding a tub. If you've set your mind on an excellent shower stall, the extra room can be used to add more luxury shower features or more closets to your bathroom.

  • Expenses

Shower and tub installations have a big gap. If you're creating a new bathroom, the cost of installing the humblest shower stall can be kept below a grand. On the other hand, installing a decent tub would cost you well above a couple of grand. If you're planning for customizations, that would cost extra. To keep your bathroom renovation cost in Vancouver low, showers are the best option.

 DIY-ing this process may seem like a good way to save thousands of dollars. However, if you aren't a professional, it's going to end up costing you more money. Even if you don't make any mistakes sourcing the right fixtures and parts, the smallest mistake in plumbing can cost you a fortune in the long run.

  • Water expenditure

Even without a study or research, you're intuitively aware of the water conservation benefits provided by showers. Tubs use around 70 gallons of water while showers use around 20 gallons(unless you're one of those who likes to take 20-minute showers). That's less than a third of water used by tubs and thousands of dollars in savings in the long term. Apart from cushioning your condo renovation cost, using showers turns out to be a more eco-friendly decision.

 This gap disappears if you like to take long showers (20 minutes or more). Even the fanciest bathtubs won't waste more water the longer you use them. Whether you use a tub for 10 minutes or an hour, you're going to use the same amount of water. With showers, water usage increases consistently with time. So, if you like to take your sweet time, lost in your thoughts, a tub is the better choice.

  • Maintenance

Showers win when it comes to maintenance. As long as you wipe the fixtures from time to time, they are going to function perfectly well. However, tubs pose a great challenge. You need to spend at least half an hour on them every week and deep clean them every few months. Long periods spent on maintenance often turn a tub upgrade into a deal breaker for many homeowners.

  • Luxury bathroom feature

When you think of luxury bathrooms, you're more likely to think of one with a tub instead of a shower. Tubs allow you to have a spa-like experience at home and flatter yourself to your heart's content. When you are planning a romantic gesture for your partner, bathtubs become a canvas to unfurl your creativity. However, you need to spend quite a lot on luxurious features and a large walk-in shower to classify it as indulgent spending.

 For spacious condo bathrooms, Vancouver renovation companies recommend the best of both worlds in the form of a shower-tub combo. If you are worried about privacy, add a frosted or etched glass enclosure around the tub. Otherwise, it's best to choose an option that aligns with your tailored needs.

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